Our Products

The majority of our products are custom made, designed specifically to meet our customers needs. Pricing varies depending on the requirements of the sign. Our prices are very competitive with the current market. For more information on pricing and for a free quotation please Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Below are some brief descriptions of the types of products we provide. Visit our Gallery to view some examples or Contact us.

Neon/Cold Cathode
Neon/Cold Cathode is an excellent way to get your business noticed during the day and night. Neon is popular for both internal and external signage and is also used for lighting effects. Neon is also becoming very popular in the world of Art and comes in a wide range of colours, sizes, styles and fonts.
LED signs
LEDs are an alternative to neon/cold cathode and useful in certain applications where a low voltage system is required. These are becoming more popular with designers. Limited colours available in LEDs - Red, Green, Blue and White, but can be used as a colour mix.
Metal/Acrylic & Vinyl letters
Great for exterior signage and works well with illuminated signage, eg Neon/Cold Cathode. The combination creates a very stylish business sign.
Metal fabricated signs
Strong and durable. Usually used for shop front signs and are available in all shapes, sizes and colours.
Light boxes/Projecting signs
Another good way to get your business to stand out.
Banners & Window manifestions
Great for customer information.
Engraved plaques/Office signs
Generally used for smaller signs internally or externally.
Wrought Iron fabrication signs
Great for that classic look.